Don’t ignore these business tax preparation tips

Business people discuss project in office

Auditing finances and projections

Did you start a business in 2017? It’s time you write off the expenses.
If you are a new business just getting started, business proprietors need to understand that you are able to write-off all associated expenses even if they happened before you actually flipped the light switches on and turned your OPEN FOR BUSINESS sign around. Make sure you also do not ignore these vital deductions. To learn more, check out Writing Off the Expense of Starting A New Business.

Accurate record keeping
This is a common problem for small businesses and often leads to missed business opportunities for reducing your taxable income for the year. Make sure your expenses are accepted, tracked and reinforced using receipts (the IRS demands it). Spend time every week to review your records– receivable, payable, credit card transactions, cash flow, etc. if your company is growing, think about accounting applications (that integrates all your financial transactions and ventures in one focused dashboard) or retain the services of an accounting professional.

Automobile deductions
A great deal of confusion exists regard this aspect because it can be quite confusing. What constitutes a legitimate business driving deduction. Bolingbrook Tax prep and CPA; Mike Ramirez explains how much of this works. “Lots of my clients will ask me exactly what can you get away with deducting in regards to business driving? “Let’s say you travel from your office to see a customer or partner, this establishes business driving. Now whether or not you are  travel from your home to another location and if that counts as a business trip really does depend. Are you travel from your residence to your office round-trip? This is considered a nondeductible personal expense. But what if you happen to work from your home office that you are also claiming as a tax deduction? If that is the case then you can consider traveling from your house to a business destination as business driving which can be deducted.”

Do not exaggerate your deductions
Your certified tax professional can make sure you do not overdo or overestimate your deductions– a specific thing that can elevate the possibility of an IRS audit. Such as, many business owners will often believe they are able to deduct all of their meal expenses when they travel or even gifts they give to client as perks. This is absolutely incorrect as much of these expenses are not completely covered.

Also, if the ration between the amount of expenses are much higher this fiscal year than the previous, and are atypical of your industry, you can expect the IRS to come calling.

It’s not all about the IRS
The IRS is a single piece of the tax pie; don’t forget about your other tax obligations such as property and all other associated taxes. An audit is never a good thing.
Separate personal and business
Intermingling your personal and business bank accounts is a big cause of confusion and issues around tax time, which only exasperate the problem of tracking income and expenses. Do not forget, if your business operates our of your residence, be sure to keep that area as a completely separate entity away from the common areas of your home to be sure you can deduct such properly.

Payroll mistakes can be costly
Compliance with both federal and state payroll tax codes can be a real pain for many business owners which the consequences of screwing up can turn around and bite you. In order to ensure payroll taxes get deposited in the proper account, it is better to have a 3rd party handle this for you. Trust us. The cost of doing It properly are far less than what it will cost to fix it.

Savvy Homeowners find a way to make their home remodeling projects earn back cash.

There are many aspects homeowners consider when hiring a remodeling contractor. Time to complete job, Cost of the labor and parts, referrals from friends and family, etc etc. Yet no one ever asks their contractor about ways that a home owners can earn cash back by allowing their home to be a showcase.  That is exactly what these savvy Chicago area home owners have done and it has paid off from them in major ways.

Furnished living Room in Luxury Home

Furnished living Room in Luxury Home

Katy Sheehan and her husband Kyle of Woodridge, Illinois, spent nearly $54K on their Woodridge basement remodeling project with a local remodeling company and said that once they realized what they could make back in referrals, would be the deciding factor on their beautiful redesign.  “When I asked the builder if he offered any kind of referral or showcasing fee, he said he hadn’t had one in place but was considering doing them in the future.” said; Katy. “We agreed that once a month we would allow the contractor to use our home as a local showcase for the work they did on our basement. We negotiated a fee for every person who signed in and then a small percentage back from every sale that resulted.” “By the time it was said and done, after 2 years, we were able to pay off our basement. And then some.”  That’s right, at the end of two years, the cost to the Sheehan’s for their basement was $0.  They aren’t the only ones. We interviewed over 20 local families who had done the same thing with varying results. All of them said they benefitted greatly.


bathroom interiorMany designers and builders know that the pictures they show online can only do so much. Home showcases where neighbors get to come into a local home and see the work first hand while also hearing glowing recommendations by the home owner, will carry much more weight in the decision making process to those potential clients. The builder explains what services they performed, allow the open house visitors to see the work first hand and even the chance to talk directly to the homeowner for the “inside scoop”

Conducting an open house is beneficial for both the homeowner and the builder as well.

When you are interviewing possible contractors for your Chicago Are Remodeling project, remember to ask about their referral programs! You might find like other local chicagoans, that you might end up being able to pay off  or greatly decrease the cost of your project!

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Vernon Hills, IL Dentist Introduces New Patient Specials for Reduced-Cost Dental Care

Cute fun bubbly adorable personality modern young fresh pixie haircut perfect teeth smile

Vernon Hills, IL — (ReleaseWire) —Vernon Hills Dentist Dr. Craig Schussler and his staff recently introduced several new specials for first-time patients that are giving them access to reduced-cost dental care. These new patients specials are just one of the ways Dr. Schussler and his staff are encouraging more patients to take a proactive approach to improving and maintaining their oral health. 

As part of these new patient specials, adults 21 and older can receive an exam, a full set of X-rays, and a dental cleaning for $98.00. Students ages 16-20 can receive an exam, a dental cleaning, and four bitewing X-rays for $71.00. For children 15 years and younger, Dr. Schussler is offer a dental cleaning, exam, and two bitewing x-rays for $45.00. Seniors can also receive 10% all services at Vernon Hills Dentists, and all new patients can access professional teeth whitening for just $100. 

All patients of Dr. Schussler have access to digital X-rays which is more convenient for the patient, produces a more accurate image, and also significantly reduces the amount of radiation that patients are exposed to. These digital X-rays do not have to be developed like traditional film and can easily be transferred as digital files through email, if needed. 

Dr. Schussler and his staff at Vernon Hills Dentist specialize in cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry. Preventive care and patient education are paramount at Vernon Hills Dentist, and Dr. Schussler recently added new advanced technology that is helping to detect cavities earlier than traditional X-rays or visual exams. With this new technology, Dr. Schussler can detect cavities in their very earliest stages, which means they can often be restored without drilling or even anesthetic. Additionally, Dr. Schussler’s patients have access to WaterLase technology that takes the pain, drilling, and anesthesia out of restorative dentistry. This advanced device uses a patented combination of high powered water, air, and laser energy that creates the same effect as a dental drill, just without the noise, heat, and friction on the tooth. 

Patients who have healthy teeth but are unhappy with the appearance of their smile can take advantage of the cosmetic services Dr. Schussler offers at his Vernon Hills office. Some of these services include composite bonding, traditional veneers, Lumineers, and teeth bleaching. 

About Dr. Craig Schussler
Dr. Schussler is an Illinois native who has been in private practice for three decades and has been treating patients at his current Vernon Hills office for 25 years. Dr. Schussler completed his DDS degree at University of Illinois College of Dentistry and throughout his career has continued to complete an array of continuing education courses. He is a member of the Illinois State Dental Society, the Chicago Dental Society, and the ADA. 

For more information about Dr. Craig Schussler and the new patient specials he is offering for dental patients in Vernon Hills, IL please visit

Glencoe Spring Clean Up – May 4th & 11th.

spring clean
The Village will once again offer a one-day Spring Clean-Up service to provide an opportunity to dispose of items that are not generally included as part of garbage collection service. Special refuse is considered anything other than your regular household waste (furniture, appliances, boxes, tires, etc.) but does not include hazardous waste (paint, gas, chemicals, etc.) or building material (wood, lumber, drywall, etc.) or landscape waste (trees, branches, logs, leaves. etc.). For more information, please contact the Public Works Garage at 847-835-4134.

The dates for this year’s Spring Clean-Up are:

Wednesday, May 4
for Monday & Tuesday Primary Garbage Collection Days

Wednesday, May 11
for Thursday & Friday Primary Garbage Collection Days

Before placing items out for pick up, please consider donating to a worthy organization. Several local organizations will pick up your slightly used items such as building materials, home furnishings, tools, appliances, exercise equipment, clothing, electronics, etc. Contact one of the following organizations to arrange a pick up that will re-purpose household items and help someone in need.
Habitat for Humanity
Salvation Army
Cancer Federation
Vietnam Veterans
Epilepsy Foundation
St. Vincent de Paul
Goodwill Drop-Off Locations:

1527B N. Waukegan Road
Glenview, IL 60025

923 Ridge Road
Wilmette, IL 60091

4131 W. Dundee Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Illinois Governor Rauner announces new mandate relief for schools

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner gives a thumbs up outside his polling place at Sacred Heart Center in Winnetka, Ill. on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. Rauner faces incumbent Democratic Gov. Patrick Quinn in the general election. (AP Photo/Sun-Times Media, Al Podgorski)  MANDATORY CREDIT

Glenbard East Secondary school junior Renata Leighton wishes to see the state’s economy improve.

So during Gov. Bruce Rauner’s visit to the Lombard school Feb. 19, she inquired how he is looking to prepare to get the state’s economy churning again. In reaction, Rauner said Illinois has to be much more affordable so it can bring in companies that are visiting nearby states like Indiana.

The Lombard teen, who is a member of the institution’s Advanced Positioning Capstone program– made to prepare more students for the rigors of university as well as success in future occupations– said she was merely delighted she had the chance to ask Rauner a question.

“I believe that it’s very awesome that he appeared to our school which showed him what we’re doing, along with the fact he got to show to us exactly what he’s doing,” Leighton stated. “There needs to be that interaction between individuals making the regulations and the people who are asked to follow the regulations.”.

Rauner went to Glenbard East because state education officials have actually been excited with Glenbard Town High School District 87’s work with Equal Opportunity Schools. According to the district, it is just one of just 7 Illinois institution districts to partner with equal opportunity field Schools this year to execute the procedure it has actually created to close the registration void in Advanced Placement programs that exists between middle- and upper-income, white and also asian students and their low-income, black as well as Hispanic peers.

During his visit to Glenbard East, Rauner additionally announced suggested legislation to unburden the school districts from unfunded requirements. Legislation has actually been introduced in the Illinois as well as US senate to give school districts the versatility to offer physical education exceptions to children for positive academic reasons or to children that are associated with other certified physical programs.

Areas likewise would have the option to follow along with a certified driver-training school to supply vehicle driver education and learning to students rather than providing it themselves. Additionally, school boards would have the chance to take part in an agreement with a third party for non-instructional services currently carried out by any type of worker or negotiating device participant.

“We need to get rid of the bureaucracy from the classroom and let instructors instruct,” Rauner claimed.

The proposed legislation originated from the Local Government Consolidation while Unfunded mandates Job Force, which was chaired by Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti.

“The stipulations of this expense will give our local colleges a great deal a lot more versatility so they could make their instructional offerings much more pupil focused while inexpensive,” he stated.

State Rep. Peter Breen, R-Lombard, said raising the directeds will assist offer real estate tax relief to residents.

“We are paying a crushing worry of property taxes to sustain colleges,” Breen said.

Tips on searching for a local Chiropractor

Karen: What is a good way to find a local chiropractor?

Dr. Angelo: The best way to locate a certified chiropractic doctor is with an additional provider’s recommendation or with a personal recommendation from a buddy. The recommendations of an individual with first hand experience is much more beneficial when picking a doctor.

Karen: Let’s say you don’t know anyone who sees a chiropractor?

Dr. Angelo: National organizations consisting of the American Chiropractic care Organization and state trade organizations sustain listings of board licensed chiropractic physicians that would be most helpful.

If you have a certain worry or are scheduling Chiropractic care of a kid, for example, you could intend to search for a chiropractic doctor with field of expertise and also experience in that area. You could call the chiropractor’s workplace and ask about the chiropractic doctor’s education. If you have insurance coverage, you will additionally want to investigate whether that chiropractic practitioner is covered under your provider.

Karen: What are a few of the distinctions amongst chiropractic physicians that I should recognize?
Dr. Angelo:  It must be kept in mind that the care referrals you obtain from one workplace may be fairly different from those you get from another office. In comparison to medicine, there is a much wider range of acceptable methods as well as kinds of therapies offered across chiropractic care providers.

There are more than 100 named chiropractic care approaches, each differing in the technique of analysis as well as restorative strategies. Some depend on X-rays, while others utilize spine movement or the feedbacks to different “touch” points. Instances of these various methods are Activity Palpation, Gonstead, as well as Applied Kinesiology, each employing their very own assessment strategy as well as type of adjustment.

Karen: Is any one method better than the other?

Dr. Angelo: Each procedure has it’s specific uses. Several chiropractic doctors will certainly integrate a variety of techniques in method, adjusting to the person or to the problem at hand. These are often described as Diversified or Integrated strategies. No one approach is the ONE. If you are interested, you ought to inquire about the techniques and also why the chiropractic specialist utilizes them, and also maybe check the Web for more details.

Other questions you may ask when selecting a chiropractic doctor:
– How they feel concerning working collaboratively with your medical care doctor
– How willing they are to refer you to professionals
– What services they provide in their workplace, such as physiotherapy
– Their recommended objectives of treatment. Ask exactly what is normally done on an initial visit (you must anticipate to be dealt with, not just analyzed). Proceeded like sustain wellness excels method, however this decision will have to come with thoughtful discussions in between you as well as your chiropractor.

Karen: How much is Chiropractic care in general. Is it expensive?

Dr. Angelo: The price of chiropractic treatment will vary partially due to where you live and also the type of coverage you are requesting to be performed. If you have medical insurance, examine your insurance plan, considering that numerous insurance providers cover chiropractic treatment. Automobile crashes as well as on-the-job injuries are also generally covered. Your plan might require you use chiropractic practitioners just within your service provider network, specify that care must be authorized beforehand, require a copay, or have restrictions on the variety of visits covered.

The cost of a preliminary visit may normally consist of an evaluation and also usually a collection of X-rays. The price of a modest consumption exam as well as X-rays could be around $160. The charges for more considerable exams and X-rays will naturally be higher. Subsequent visits for care may be in the approximate range of $50 to $90 each see, again pertaining to the number of services needed for your treatment.

Compared with other sorts of corresponding or alternate treatment, insurance coverage of chiropractic by insurance strategies is comprehensive. According to the National Facility for Complementary as well as Holistic medicine, greater than HALF of health maintenance companies (HMOs), more than 75 percent of exclusive medical plans, as well as all state workers’ settlement systems covered chiropractic therapy since 2002.

On top of that, Medicare covers chiropractic care visits, and also a minimum of 2 dozen states cover chiropractic therapy under Medicaid.

Dr. Angelo is a frequent contributor to such sites as the Illinois Chiropractic Society

Getting the best from your home redesign

well designed room

Your house is your castle, your sanctuary. If like me you live alone, it is your fortress of solitude. your home needs to show your individuality and your way of living in a manner that offers comfort and also inspiration to you, your family, as well as your guests. One method to achieve a positive environment in any kind of area in your house is to recognize how to prepare the things in it.

First determine just how you want to use the area. This will certainly assist you in selecting sufficient and proper seating, furnishings, and art work as well as decor to go with the vibe of the look.

Measure the room, along with the hallways, staircases, as well as doors resulting in the space to confirm your potential furniture purchases will suit. Take your tape measure and also a notebook when buying new items. Trust us. You might THINK you have an amazing eye for spatial designs but in reality? You don’t. It’s ok. Everything swears they have it but…they don’t.basement gorgeous

Furniture spacing and also positioning is vital to the convenience as well as function of a room. Choose pieces that are similar in scale (general dimension) for a feeling of calmness. Determine if you want proportion in the room – including items in pairs includes equilibrium and also really feels relaxing. Odd numbers or 2 things in various dimensions include aesthetic activity and also excitement.

Select a prime focus in the space, such as a fire place, huge tv, or architectural home window, and also prepare furniture and art work around it. Comply with the “3-foot regulation”, maintaining room for all-natural website traffic circulation. Place the largest items first (sofa, bed, or workdesk, relying on the area), as well as take into consideration drifting furnishings if the room allows. This really feels relaxing and inviting, with no “dead room” in the middle of the space.

Capitalize on organic light or a terrific perspective by putting a desk under a window. An edge curio cabinet adds personality while giving area to present pictures or a preferred compilation.


Opentable’s lists it’s best Restaurants in Illinois and a local favorite is front and center.

Out of all of the Restaurants which are a part of the opentable service, Winnetka’s own; Michael is shown as a top choice of the northern suburbs!


michael restaruant top choice

The website OpenTable, an online restaurant-reservation service, combs through hundreds of thousands of its users’ reviews each month to sort out what it calls the “Top 10 Diners’ Choice Winners.”

OpenTable’s Diners Choice lists take into consideration all the important aspects you’d expect of a dining experience: food, ambiance, service, but also how often a particular restaurant has been booked through the site.

The best overall Diners’ Choice restaurants in Illinois are organized geographically, though the number of eateries listed vary depending on the popularity of OpenTable in an area and the amount of restaurants that use the service.

For more info, read up at


Are Babyboomers leaving and high taxes the cause of great migration out of the State?

When my family moved to the Chicago area about 15 years ago from California, My couldn’t have been happier to be home, but me? I’ve never stopped missing the warmth and progressiveness of the West Coast. As the years have gone by and we’ve gotten older and the taxes have gotten higher and higher, we’ve been considering making a move to the Southwest for warmer climates and states with their tax act together. Seems we aren’t the only ones..

United Van Lines recently released its annual “National Movers Study,” and once again, Illinois has one of the highest percentages of outbound domestic moves in the nation.

Illinois remained at the No. 3 spot in 2015 with an outbound move percentage of 63.2 percent, marking the seventh straight year it has been ranked among United Van Lines’ Top 5 states of people moving out. Only New Jersey and New York fared worse, at 66.6 percent and 64.6 percent, respectively.

The survey cites retiring baby boomers seeking warmer climates as the main reason people are leaving the Midwest and Northeast for the southern and western regions of the country, though some of the states with the highest percentage of inbound moves, such as Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Idaho, have their fair share of weather woes, too.

“This year’s data reflects longer-term trends of people moving to the Pacific West, where cities such as Portland and Seattle are seeing the combination of a boom in the technology and creative marketing industry, as well as a growing ‘want’ for outdoor activity and green space,” said Michael Stoll, economist, professor and chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. “The aging Boomer population is driving relocation from the Northeast and Midwest to the West and South, as more and more people retire to warmer regions.”

Census data released last month shows Illinois had the highest domestic population decline between July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015, with 105,200 more people leaving than arriving. And all five of Illinois’ contiguous neighbors saw small net gains: Indiana (21,800), Iowa (14,418), Wisconsin (11,905), Kentucky (12,475) and Missouri (19,845). When gains from international migration and natural births are included, Illinois’ net population loss totaled nearly 22,200 people. ( Read the rest of the story at)

Common golf-related injuries

Golf is considered to be a very peaceful and easy-going sport. So it would be quite surprising to find out that injuries can also take place in golf. While it may be hard to believe, it is actually true, especially in the case of best Chicago, Il. golf courses. These are the places where the maximum number of players come to engage in golf, so naturally the highest number of injuries are also witnessed here. So in order to educate ourselves more, let us take a look at some of the most common injuries which are related to golf.

tiger woods suffering from back pain

  • Back pain

This is considered to be the most common of injuries which occurs when people engage themselves in a game of golf. This is because the rotational stresses of the swing can place a considerable amount of pressure on the muscles and the spine. And golfers are known to play for at least four to five hours at a stretch. So by staying in this fixed position for such a lengthy period of time, it is bound to cause back pain. Therefore, if you are a very big fan of playing golf and would like to continue doing so, then it is best if you add exercises which focus on strengthening and stretching your back.

  • Tendinitis in the elbows

The second most common injury which takes place on the golf course is tendinitis in the elbows. This is also referred to as inflammation or irritation of the tendon tissues. So when people experience any kind of problem with their inner tendon, then it is most commonly referred to as golfer’s elbow. These kinds of injuries can also be increased if the golfers do not complete an appropriate swinging motion.

  • Knee pain

This kind of an injury is quite common in golf. And it is quite natural as well. When playing golf in Bolingbrook, Il., you will be bending at a certain angle. And keeping yourself bent like that is likely to cause you some pain in the knee in the longer term. If extreme amounts of pressure are placed on the knee, then it can also lead to the ligaments being affected.

  • Rotator cuff

Another golf-related injury which can happen is an injury to the rotator cuff. This kind of pain can be experienced in the upper arm or shoulder during various phases of the golf swing. So in order to treat this kind of an injury, usually anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. If the situation seems to be too intense, then surgery may also be recommended.

  • Injuries sustained in the wrist

When gripping the golf club tightly for too long a stretch, it can cause injuries to your wrist as well. The high speed in which the golf club is swung can also increase the chances of sustaining injuries to the wrist.

  • Hand and finger injuries

The high speed of the typical swing as well as the repetitive motions of golf can casue injuries to both the hand and finger.

For more Chicago golf related information, be sure to check the following: