Common golf-related injuries

Golf is considered to be a very peaceful and easy-going sport. So it would be quite surprising to find out that injuries can also take place in golf. While it may be hard to believe, it is actually true, especially in the case of best Chicago, Il. golf courses. These are the places where the maximum number of players come to engage in golf, so naturally the highest number of injuries are also witnessed here. So in order to educate ourselves more, let us take a look at some of the most common injuries which are related to golf.

tiger woods suffering from back pain

  • Back pain

This is considered to be the most common of injuries which occurs when people engage themselves in a game of golf. This is because the rotational stresses of the swing can place a considerable amount of pressure on the muscles and the spine. And golfers are known to play for at least four to five hours at a stretch. So by staying in this fixed position for such a lengthy period of time, it is bound to cause back pain. Therefore, if you are a very big fan of playing golf and would like to continue doing so, then it is best if you add exercises which focus on strengthening and stretching your back.

  • Tendinitis in the elbows

The second most common injury which takes place on the golf course is tendinitis in the elbows. This is also referred to as inflammation or irritation of the tendon tissues. So when people experience any kind of problem with their inner tendon, then it is most commonly referred to as golfer’s elbow. These kinds of injuries can also be increased if the golfers do not complete an appropriate swinging motion.

  • Knee pain

This kind of an injury is quite common in golf. And it is quite natural as well. When playing golf in Bolingbrook, Il., you will be bending at a certain angle. And keeping yourself bent like that is likely to cause you some pain in the knee in the longer term. If extreme amounts of pressure are placed on the knee, then it can also lead to the ligaments being affected.

  • Rotator cuff

Another golf-related injury which can happen is an injury to the rotator cuff. This kind of pain can be experienced in the upper arm or shoulder during various phases of the golf swing. So in order to treat this kind of an injury, usually anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. If the situation seems to be too intense, then surgery may also be recommended.

  • Injuries sustained in the wrist

When gripping the golf club tightly for too long a stretch, it can cause injuries to your wrist as well. The high speed in which the golf club is swung can also increase the chances of sustaining injuries to the wrist.

  • Hand and finger injuries

The high speed of the typical swing as well as the repetitive motions of golf can casue injuries to both the hand and finger.

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