Savvy Homeowners find a way to make their home remodeling projects earn back cash.

There are many aspects homeowners consider when hiring a remodeling contractor. Time to complete job, Cost of the labor and parts, referrals from friends and family, etc etc. Yet no one ever asks their contractor about ways that a home owners can earn cash back by allowing their home to be a showcase.  That is exactly what these savvy Chicago area home owners have done and it has paid off from them in major ways.

Furnished living Room in Luxury Home

Furnished living Room in Luxury Home

Katy Sheehan and her husband Kyle of Woodridge, Illinois, spent nearly $54K on their Woodridge basement remodeling project with a local remodeling company and said that once they realized what they could make back in referrals, would be the deciding factor on their beautiful redesign.  “When I asked the builder if he offered any kind of referral or showcasing fee, he said he hadn’t had one in place but was considering doing them in the future.” said; Katy. “We agreed that once a month we would allow the contractor to use our home as a local showcase for the work they did on our basement. We negotiated a fee for every person who signed in and then a small percentage back from every sale that resulted.” “By the time it was said and done, after 2 years, we were able to pay off our basement. And then some.”  That’s right, at the end of two years, the cost to the Sheehan’s for their basement was $0.  They aren’t the only ones. We interviewed over 20 local families who had done the same thing with varying results. All of them said they benefitted greatly.


bathroom interiorMany designers and builders know that the pictures they show online can only do so much. Home showcases where neighbors get to come into a local home and see the work first hand while also hearing glowing recommendations by the home owner, will carry much more weight in the decision making process to those potential clients. The builder explains what services they performed, allow the open house visitors to see the work first hand and even the chance to talk directly to the homeowner for the “inside scoop”

Conducting an open house is beneficial for both the homeowner and the builder as well.

When you are interviewing possible contractors for your Chicago Are Remodeling project, remember to ask about their referral programs! You might find like other local chicagoans, that you might end up being able to pay off  or greatly decrease the cost of your project!

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